The SignBuilder™ Solution by Centurion

As a True Value retailer, you use a lot of signs throughout your store every day to keep your customers informed. One of the reasons you need a steady stream of new signs is to promote your ever-changing mix of products, pricing and promotions. Keeping your signs current can be a time-consuming task. It does not have to be.

SignBuilder™ by Centurion is a 3 step in-store custom sign making solution that is designed to give retailers everything you need to easily, quickly and reliably create and display professional looking signs.

STEP 1 - SignBuilder™ Sign Stock - Bright, colorful sign stock communicates important information to your customers continuously, efficiently and economically. Indoor and weatherproof outdoor signs alert your customer to special pricing and new items. Each 8-1/2" x 11” sign stock sheet is perforated to fit either our large, medium or small sign holders and is compatible with the laser printer you already have.

STEP 2 - SignBuilder™ Sign Making Templates - Our FREE SignBuilder™ pdf sign making templates allow you to create and edit signs to drive sales. Available free of charge at and without the bother of a login or password. Just type your information into the pdf template and print on our sign stock using any laser printer.

STEP 3 - SignBuilder™ Sign Holders - Made from galvanized steel, our sign holders are an economical and durable choice that will stand up to the harshest conditions, both indoors and out. Available in multiple sizes and configurations.

Using these 3 steps, you can easily, quickly and reliably create professional looking signs in your store with the SignBuilder™ by Centurion Solution.