#10 Security Tint Window Envelope – Custom Printed 1 or 2 Color



Safely send checks and other financial documents through the mail with our #10 Security Tint Window Envelopes while also making a great impression by keeping your store’s brand front and center with your customers!


1 Color


2 Colors


$44.73$50.98 per Box of 500

As low as $34.83

Our #10 Security Tint Window Envelope – Custom Printed features include:

Send sensitive documents through the mail with our #10 Security Tint Window Envelope – Custom Printed. Our customers use them to send checks and other financial documents as well as anything else they want to protect from unwanted viewing. We print a special pattern on the inside of the envelope that makes it nearly impossible to see through the envelope’s exterior. That results in the documents contained inside being unreadable.

Additionally, custom printing your store’s unique information (logo, address, telephone number, website, slogan, etc.) sends a great impression and keeps your brand front and center with your customers!

Individual envelopes are 24# white wove and measure 4-1/8” x 9-1/2”. The window is 1-1/8″ x 4-1/2″ and is 7/8″ from the left edge and 1/2″ from the bottom edge. Seal by moistening glue on the envelope’s flap. There are 500 envelopes per box. Sold by the box. Also, there is a 2 box minimum order quantity for our #10 Window Envelope – 1 or 2 Color Custom Printed.

To Place Your Order:

    1. Choose the number of custom printed colors for your envelope (1 or 2).
    2. Select your quantity.
    3. Click the DESIGN ONLINE button above and follow the instructions on the page.

After you create your design and place your order, our Creative Services team will review your design and contact you with any questions. They will also email you a final proof of your #10 Regular Envelope. We bill credit card orders when the order is placed. We bill through wholesalers after we ship the product. Please allow 3 – 4 weeks for your order to ship.

Don’t Feel Comfortable Designing Your Own Envelope? We’ve Got Options For You!

If you would like expert help designing your envelope, you can contact our Creative Services Team. Certainly, our professional graphic artists will work with you to create just the right design for your needs.

What’s more, did you know that we offer bulk purchasing options? As a matter of fact, these options can include warehousing, inventory management, bill as ship and more. Additionally, please contact us if you are interested in purchasing quantities that are higher than we have listed on our website.

Our experienced sales support team is ready to help you get more information or place an order. 

Finally, to reach us, simply call (800) 323-2193, email service@centurion-inc.com or click on our live chat.