Custom Printed Paint Can Opener and Closer



Custom Printed Paint Can Opener and Closers promote your store and create an impression that will last with your customers!

Price($): 236.25190.80166.15150.00

$236.25 per Carton of 250

As low as $150.00

Custom Printed Paint Can Opener and Closer Tool Promotes Your Store and Creates an Impression That Will Last With Your Customers!

Your customers need paint can openers. What’s more, they use them every day. Also, they are inexpensive – making them them a perfect give-away companion. You can use our Custom Printed Paint Can Opener and Closer tool to promote your store – which results in more brand awareness. Above all, if you add your store’s unique information (logo, address, telephone number, website, slogan, etc.) to your paint can openers, you keep your brand front and center with your customers (and their customers!).

Our Custom Printed Paint Can Opener and Closer tool quickly and easily opens half pint, pint, quart and gallon paint cans. We designed them to raise can lids without damage or distortion, enabling a perfect seal when you replace the lid. As a result, you can re-seal any unused product. For this reason, you can safely store your paint cans and easily reopen them without the fear of leaks due to dented lids. To open cans, simply place the beveled end of the paint can opener and closer under the lip of the lid and pry upward. Repeat this motion at regular increments around the lid until it pops free of the can.

We construct them from durable steel that will not bend easily. They measure 3-5/16”in length and are 5/8″ wide. The actual imprint size 1/2” high by 1-5/8” wide. They are lightweight and easy to carry or store in your toolbox.  Additionally, they feature a stamped hole which can be attached to a key ring or a carabineer. We also offer Unprinted Paint Can Openers.

We package them 250 per carton. Each carton weighs 8 pounds. Priced by the carton.

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Don’t Feel Comfortable Designing Your Own Custom Printed Paint Can Opener and Closer? We’ve Got Options For You!

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