Laser Printable Slip-On® Tree Tags

SKU: LT 1011S
Price($): 39.0635.5131.9629.5924.86

$39.06 per Package of 200

As low as $24.86

Compatible with and designed to be used with your Epicor system or manually with a permanent marker to tag trees or any other object you choose (lawn mowers, snowblowers, etc.). They easily slip around and lock into position. Add your SKU number on the tear-off strip and ring up a quick and easy sale at your register. Our Laser Printable Slip-On® Tree Tags are made with a 5 mil material that is top coated on both sides to provide superior imaging and longevity outdoors. This economically priced laser printable material is viable for all of your monochrome laser printing applications, and can also be used for many of your color printing applications as well. The Slip-On® tags may be pre-printed with information such as company name, website and logo for maximizing company visibility. 25 sheets of 8 tags (200 individual tags) per package. Sold by the package.