Create The Image You Want and The Experience Customers Expect

The first step in choosing floor mats is to develop a store-wide mat strategy, which ensures that the store will get the most benefit from all of the mats it uses. Whether you need a single replacement mat, several mats for a problem area or new mats for the entire store, creating a store-wide mat strategy makes sure that all the mats you use work together to protect everyone in your store by keeping floors safe, clean and comfortable while projecting your image to customers. This strategy also maximizes the life of your mats while minimizing ongoing cleaning.

Create your store’s system by thinking from the “outside in”

Our mats are designed to be used as part of a system to keep your sales floor clean, safe and comfortable for your customers and employees.

Use SuperScrape™ mats on the outside of any door that leads into your store from the outdoors. Extremely durable, they are UV, chemical and oil resistant and ideal for any heavy-duty application.  The surface cleats are designed for scraping and traction and remove dirt, snow and all sorts of debris from shoes and boots. Customers simply walk over the mats and the mat efficiently scrapes and dries their shoes. This mat gets the big debris off of your customer’s shoes before they even enter into the store.  Cleaning is easy since the mat can be swept or hosed off right where it is.
WaterHog™ mats are the most popular mats in the industry. Ideal for use just outside (in applications where a SuperScrape is not necessary) or inside any door that leads into your store from outdoors. The raised square pattern works by aggressively picking up residual debris and soaking up water from the shoes and boots of anyone that enters your store. The unique water dam border holds up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, which keeps water on the mat and off store floors. WaterHog™ mats are constructed from durable and U.V. resistant anti-static polypropylene, which dries quickly and will not fade or rot. Non-slip rubber backing keeps your mats in place.   Easy to clean – simply hose off, vacuum or steam clean.
Once your customers reach your main aisle, our DigiPrint™ Entrance Floor Mats gently wipe their shoes to remove any remaining small debris – keeping your store clean and safe. Designed for your store’s most high traffic aisles, they are ideal for long walkways to catch the most number of steps. Used in conjunction with scrapper and water absorbent mats, walk-off mats will last. Fully launderable and easy to clean with a vacuum or steam cleaner.
Primarily used behind counters and registers, our Hog Heaven Solid Black Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats provide exceptional cushioning, which is especially important for store employees who stand for considerable time working service and point-of-sale areas. The high-density nitrile-blended cushion helps provide superior comfort by reducing pressure to the lower back and legs. They are anti-slip, easy to clean and are oil and chemical resistant. The edges will not crack or curl and provide a safe transition from floor to mat.


Think about this. The mats you use:

  • Welcome customers when they enter
  • Ensure that your store remains clean, neat and environmentally appealing
  • Project the pride you have in your store
  • Introduce customers to your store
  • Keep your customers safe throughout their entire store visit
  • Thank your customers when they leave