Center Support Kit for SpellBrite® Signs

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Use our Center Support Kit for SpellBrite® Signs to help suspend longer signs.



$5.21 per Kit of 1

Center Support Kit for SpellBrite® Signs

Use our Center Support Kit for SpellBrite® Signs to help suspend longer signs. Add extra center supports as necessary for windy or high traffic locations, for example, near the front door of a restaurant. Center Support Kit consists of 1 hang tab, 1 chain with hooks on both ends and 1 screw in hook hanger. Sold by the kit.

Determine the Center of Your Sign

To install one center support, build your SpellBrite® sign and find the horizontal center of the sign using a tape measure. Next, identify the letter to letter joint closest to the center of your sign. This is where you will install your SpellBrite® Hang Tab on the top rail. The sign shown below is a 16 character sign. The suggested chain support points are identified by the black hooks (16 characters = 1 center support). If installing multiple center supports, space the center supports equally along the length of the sign

All SpellBrite® letters, numbers and characters are interchangeable and connect to all other SpellBrite® letters numbers and characters, allowing you to make any message you want, and can easily be changed as often as you need! Easy to assemble, you simply click the individual letters together, place the end caps on the ends, tighten all screws, connect the power supply and hang with the supplied chain. SpellBrite® Signage is ultra-brite and very durable.

We can also create any CUSTOM WORDED SpellBrite® sign kit for your store. Our live sales support team is available to help you with all of your needs. Simply call (800) 323-2193, email or you can reach us through our live chat.