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With a SpellBrite® “ICE MELT” Pre-Configured LED Sign Kit from Centurion, you can create a super-bright, attractive sign that gets customers looking at your message when and where you need it. Available in red, white, blue or green.



$222.20 per Each of 1

“ICE MELT” LED Sign features include:

Our SpellBrite® Pre-Configured “ICE MELT” LED Sign Kit has the ultra-bright, striking impact of neon with all the benefits of LEDs. LED lights have longer life, lower energy usage and durability. The kit includes everything that you need to create your “ICE MELT” LED Sign.

SpellBrite® kits are light and very durable. Each letter, number, character and accessory comes individually packaged for convenient organization and storage when not in use. Sign is powered by LEDs therefore has a long life that is rated to last for 80,000 hours. The power cord is 9.5 feet long.

To assemble, you simply click the individual letters together, place the end caps on the ends, tighten all screws, connect the power supply and hang with the supplied chain.  Adjust the brightness with 6 dimmer settings, 8 animation options and an on/off switch. Available in red, white, blue or green.

SpellBrite® Click-Together Letters are fully interchangeable.  You can make this sign or any other sign message you like, and change it any time.

We can also create any CUSTOM WORDED SpellBrite® sign kit for your store. Our live sales support team is available to help you with all of your needs. Simply call (800) 323-2193, email service@centurion-inc.com or you can reach us through our live chat.

Product Specs

Width 27.0 Inches
Height 6.3 Inches
Depth 1.5 Inches
Power Draw 924 mA
LED Hours Rating 80,000
Power Cord Length 9.5 Feet