Oval LED Open Sign 21″ x 13″

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Our Oval LED Open Sign utilizes bright, energy-efficient red and blue display lights to ensure visibility up to 500 feet away, even in daylight and when placed behind glass.

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Oval LED Open Sign features include:

Our bright oval LED Open Sign is energy-efficient 12W LED lighting ensures visibility up to 500 feet away, even in daylight. It uses half the electricity of traditional high-voltage neon lights, and operates silently so customers won’t hear the bothersome buzzing noise emitted with comparable neon signs. Additionally, you may like our LED Open Sign with business hours.

Eye-Catching Graphics

The LED sign features the word “OPEN” in bright, red letters and with a stylish blue border accent the text to further catch your customers’ attention and therefore draw your customers in.

4 Display Modes

During “static” mode, all elements of the sign are fully lit up and therefore static. When switched to “flashing open” mode, the word “OPEN” flashes on the sign, while the border remains static. “Flashing” mode also features a static border, but the word “OPEN” lights up one letter at a time. In tracer mode, the word “OPEN” lights up one letter at a time, just like in “flashing” mode. However, after it is all illuminated the whole word flashes while the border lights crawl.


The Oval LED Open Sign has a durable acrylic cover which will ensure that this sign stays long-lasting even with extended use. For best results it is recommended for indoor use only.

Easy Operation

An easy to reach “on”/”off” switch ensures a simple operation at the start and end of the day. To easily switch between display modes, a red push button next to the “on”/”off” switch is also easily located. Therefore, every time the red button is pushed, a new mode is activated.

Sign Includes

Oval LED Open Sign comes with a hardware kit, two silver hanging chains, which also makes hanging this sign quick and easy. A power adaptor also included, ensuring this sign is ready to use right out of the box.

Product Specs

Width 20-3/4 Inches
Height 13 Inches
Depth 1-3/4 Inches
Cord Length 73-1/4 Inches
Wattage 12 Watts
Shape Oval
Sign Text Open
Type LED Signs

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