Remote Control for SpellBrite® Signs

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Switch electrical power on and off to any SpellBrite® Sign using our Radio Frequency Remote Control Package.



$20.22 per Package of 1

Remote Control Package for SpellBrite® Signs

Switch the electrical power on and off using our Radio Frequency Remote Control Package for your SpellBrite® Signs. You simply need to be within 100 feet of the outlet with the remote to switch the power on and off. The remote does not have to be in site of the base plugin to function. Package includes 1 remote control and 1 plug in device that can be plugged in to any 110V AC outlet. Sold by the package.

All SpellBrite® letters, numbers and characters are interchangeable and connect to all other SpellBrite® letters numbers and characters, allowing you to make any message you want, and can easily be changed as often as you need! Easy to assemble, you simply click the individual letters together, place the end caps on the ends, tighten all screws, connect the power supply and hang with the supplied chain. SpellBrite® Signage is ultra-brite and very durable.

We can also create any CUSTOM WORDED SpellBrite® sign kit for your store. Our live sales support team is available to help you with all of your needs. Simply call (800) 323-2193, email or you can reach us through our live chat.


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