SuperScrape™ Floor Mats – Do it Best Style



DigiPrint™ Carpet Floor Mats greet your customers at every door and promote your store while helping to keep your store clean and safe!

$119.10$175.27 per Each of 1

SuperScrape™ Floor Mats

Use our SuperScrape Floor Mats on the outside of any door that leads into your store from the outdoors. Extremely durable, they are UV, chemical and oil resistant and ideal for any heavy duty application.  We designed the surface cleats for scraping and traction and to remove dirt, snow and all sorts of debris from shoes and boots. Customers simply walk over the mats and the mat efficiently scrapes and dries their shoes. This mat gets the big debris off of your customer’s shoes before they even enter into the store.  Cleaning is easy. Simply sweep or hose off right where it is. Available in both 3 x 5 and 4 x 6 sizes.

We design all of our SuperScrape Floor Mats as part of a system to keep your sales floor clean, safe and comfortable for your customers and employees. Use a store-wide mat strategy to make sure that all of the mats you use work together to protect everyone in your store by keeping floors safe, clean and comfortable while projecting your image to customers. This strategy also maximizes the life of your mats while minimizing ongoing cleaning.

Did you know that you can further promote your brand by adding your store’s unique logo, colors and more? We can print your floor mats using your custom design. And, they are available in a broad array of sizes. 

What’s more, did you know that we offer bulk purchasing options? Finally, these options can include warehousing, inventory management, bill as ship and more. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing quantities that are higher than we have listed on our website.

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