Weatherproof Laser Hang Tags

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Weatherproof Laser Hang Tags allow for easy attachment to plants, grill handles, lawn mowers, snow blowers or just about anything you choose.



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Weatherproof Laser Hang Tag features include:

Our Weatherproof Laser Hang Tags withstand extreme conditions both inside and out. Individual tags are diecut to allow for easy attachment by string or wire to just about anything you choose. Each 8.5″ x 11″ master sheet contains ten 4.25″ x 2.2″ hang tags. Weatherproof Laser Hang Tags can be printed with your own software program or a permanent marker. Additionally, you can print tags using one of our SignBuilder by Centurion templates. Tags are compatible with most black laser printers in addition to many color laser printers.  Not intended for use with ink jet or bubblejet printers. Available in white or red. 50 sheets of 10 tags (500 individual tags) per package. Sold by the package. You may also be interested in our Slip on Tree Tags.

Click on the the SignBuilder™ by Centurion icon above to download a SignBuilder™ template for these tags.

For optimum results use our SignBuilder™ by Centurion templates, download the SignBuilder™ pdf file template to your desktop and open it with Adobe Acrobat. Working with the file within your browser may disable certain functions of the template and also cause imaging issues.

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